Saturday, December 29, 2012


While visiting some family in Minnesota, we took the opportunity to go sledding. The conditions were perfect. There was already a foot of snow on the ground and it was starting to snow (which was also another thing Jager wanted to see). My brother and I were joined by a handful of our younger cousins in our sledding adventure. Some brought sleds, snowboards, and inter tubes. We all headed to the football field in town because it has a steep slope going down on one side of the field. One by one, we picked our weapon of choice and made our way down the slope. Because everyone else was from Minnesota, they were all expert sledders. They got to teach us Floridians a few tips and sledding techniques. After two hours of sledding, we were all very tired and extremely cold.


Samantha Shepherd said...

I wish I could have been there! Looks so fun and magical. And cold too. :)

Ashley @ Always Ashley said...

Found your blog through Samantha's. Looking for ward to reading about your travels once you move! God bless :-)

Ashley Danielle

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