Thursday, June 20, 2013

Italy - Day I Vol. I

In early February, a few of my flatmates and I were thinking about places to travel to for our Spring Break. We were thinking that Italy would be a great place to go, since none of us have ever traveled there before. After thinking about it for a few days, we thought "why not?" and booked ten nights in four different cities. We found some really cheap plane tickets and hotel/hostel rooms online. Luckily, our Spring Break was during the off season. This meant that the overall trip wasn't too expensive. Plus there were fewer tourists than usual, so they didn't clog up the cities.

We were in Venice for the first three and a half days of our trip. I've heard a lot of comments from other people who have traveled there saying how much they did not like Venice. Some say it is too touristy. Others say its incredibly dirty and smelly. Both of those statements are true. However, I was able to overlook that. All three of us LOVED Venice. We thought it was one of our favorite places that we traveled to during our spring break.

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