Friday, February 8, 2013

"Local Adventures" - Kensington Gardens Vol. I

Let me just tell you, I am completely in love with all of the parks nestled in the city of London. The British are well known for their gardens, and I can see why. On my visit to Kensington Gardens, I was just blown away by how beautiful these urban gardens are.

Kensington Gardens is one of the eight Royal Parks in London. These parks are beautifully preserved, and include many architectural landmarks dotted throughout the landscape. So many people come to these parks for all types of recreational activities. There is so much to see and explore within these gardens. I'm making another mental note to visit all of the Royal Parks before I leave. In the meantime, you can see pictures about Kensington Gardens from last week.

^^It was incredibly windy. So, please excuse the wild and crazy hair in this photo.^^

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