Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Museum Moment" - British Museum Vol. II

Round 2! We decided to hit the the North America, Mexico, and Africa galleries on Friday night. All of us agreed that the Africa gallery was curated the best out of all of the galleries we've seen. There was a mixture old and new art/artifacts that connected the deeply rooted cultures in several African countries over many centuries. We all kinda laughed when we saw the Native American exhibit inside the tiny North America gallery. The curator had grouped a few artifacts from several tribes all into one case, as if all Native American tribes can just be clumped together and classified as the same people. Maybe we thought it was funny because we've been in museums in the US where one Native American tribe gets an entire section or gallery just for themselves. Oh well...

^^Indiana Jones moment!! This crystal skull was originally thought to be made by the people of ancient Mexica, but recent studies have proof that this was made in Europe from the 19th century.^^

^^Sacrificial themed reliefs that came from a Mayan temple.^^

^^This turquoise mosaic mask from ancient Mexica has bits and pieces of human skull in it.^^

^^This chair is made out of decommissioned weapons from the civil war in Mozambique. It is named "Throne of Weapons."^^

^^Check out that giant, woven basket in the corner. It must have taken forever to finish it!^^

^^Those plaques hanging on the walls were originally from Oba's palace in Benin. During the construction of the new palace, these 16th century plaques were just thrown away. Luckily they were found by explorers and archaeologists, and now there are hundreds of them in museums around the world.^^

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