Friday, February 1, 2013

"Local Adventures" - Soho

Since my stay here in London, I have walked through Soho a few times mostly just to get to another part of the city. I've never had the time or the need to stop and take pictures of this area. Last week, I decided to take a few shots of the area while I was running an errand. These are just snip-its of one little section.

Soho is very unique and different. It is the theatre district, but it is also home to a lot of cheap costume shops and weird pubs. At the time that these photos were taken, there was a food market set up on the streets. Vendors were selling everything from "exotic" fruit (like oranges and avocados) to curry dishes.

^^If you look closely, you can see the Union Jack streamers above the streets.^^

^^Hey, look! Exotic fruit!^^

^^One of the many productions that I want to see while I'm here.^^

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Samantha Shepherd said...

Can I just hop on a plane and come to London to see you?? Can't wait to see your blog post about your weekend in Belgium. :) :)

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