Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hampton Court Palace Vol. I

One of our trips through the study abroad program was to Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle (which I will eventually get to...). Of course that was on the same day that it snowed like four inches and the entire city went crazy. Like I said before, London was not meant to handle even a light dusting of snow. But, I absolutely loved the snow at Hampton Court. There was something about the snow that made the palace come to life. The only downside with the snow was that parts of the palace and gardens were closed to the public. This just means that I will have to make a second trip just to see what I've missed. I'm totally okay with that!

Hampton Court was a place of residence for King Henry VIII and his infamous brides. The Great Hall inside the palace is the Uk's last surviving medieval hall. It was used by William Shakespeare's company in their performances for James I. The kitchens were designed to feed Henry's court (about 600 people) twice a day.


^^There were some really creepy wooden figures in the courtyards. They just looked sad and pathetic in the snow.^^

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