Friday, January 18, 2013

When it snows in London...

...all of the locals freak out,
public transportation nearly comes to a stop,
schools, shops, and tourist attractions close,
and everybody has a sour look on their face.

All for a little snow flurry.

But not us! 
We enjoyed the snow even though we had to walk through it all day on our excursions and were informed with the news of Windsor Castle's sudden closure because of the weather. 

Oh, yes. It was cold. 
But we kept calm and carried on. 

^^Two of my flatmates and I outside of Hampton Court.^^

1 comment:

Samantha Shepherd said...

It's the same exact way here! It snowed for 3o minutes yesterday and they closed schools earlier and cancelled them for today (Friday). Craziness.

I've wanted to text you to find out about the start of your internship so many times this week. But then I realize that it's around 11pm or 12am your time and you're probably already asleep.

P.S. You're looking more and more European by the day. :)

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