Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Museum Moment" - British Museum Vol. I

Okay, so I want to start a blog series about museums and galleries. Museums are my thing, so you will definitely see me posting lots of stuff about museums in the future. Hopefully, this will encourage you to go to a museum near you and take advantage of everything they have to offer. 

On Friday, a few of my apartment roommates and I went to the British Museum in the evening for about an hour. Spending only an hour at this place is just impossible, because the museum is way too big to tackle it all in such a short period. Knowing this from the start, we decided to make a promise to go by there once every week or two to cover at least one section of the museum at a time. Since this museum is only a stone's throw away (literally!), we agreed that this would be an easy goal for us. On this trip, we tackled parts of the Middle East, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece & Rome.

Going to the British Museum at night is completely different than going during the day. The museum is nearly dark except for the lights that are shining on the works. To me, this really makes the collection stand out, since they are the major focal point of the museum. Plus, the environment is very calm and quiet because fewer people visit the museum at night. This is definitely my favorite time to go to a museum.

^^Colossal statue of a winged lion dates around 883 BC. It is placed at the entrance of the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II along with an exact copy that frames the other side of the entrance. These figures have five legs because they are meant to be seen standing from the front and the side.^^


^^Statues from the pediment of the Parthenon are dated around 447 BC. Many of the figures are missing appendages and their heads, but they are still stunningly beautiful.^^

^^Sections of ancient Greek mosaic floors. They are incredibly detailed and very colorful despite their age.^^

^^A few mummies that are on display dressed in different stages of the religious funeral customs of ancient Egypt.^^

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